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1 Inch Grip - 05 Round Tip - Box of 25

1 Inch Grip - 05 Round Tip - Box of 25

 Griffin Tubes were custom-designed by Eikon to meet the needs of the discerning tattoo artist. They feature an ergonomic, textured, latex-free rubber grip that will not slip or slide around the tube stem while working.

The soft, latex-free rubber grips effectively absorb vibrations and help prevent hand fatigue, so you can spend more time tattooing.
Each blister pack is individually sealed, and pre-sterilized with EO gas. There is an additional internal indicator of sterilization, which meets new regulations in some areas, and also provides some extra piece of mind.
These tubes are single-use only; no scrubbing or autoclaving needed.
Griffin Tubes are a high-quality, premium product - just what you have come to expect from Eikon-designed equipment.
Available in 1" or 1.25" grips in 36 configurations.
1" grips sold in a box of 25
1.25" grips sold in a box of 15
US Design Pat. No. D677,790; CA Design 143433; EU Design 001329262-0001; CN Design Pat. 201230209315.9
Custom-designed, textured, soft, latex-free rubber grip
Absorbs vibrations and reduces hand fatigue
Ergonomic design is comfortable and allows for longer sessions
Textured grip provides better control
Available in 1" or 1.25" grip sizes, larger grip sizes reduce strain and pressure points on hands
White stem & tip for easier color identification
Individually packaged in sealed blister packs, easy to take on the road to conventions and guest spots
Pre-Sterilized at the factory with EO (ethylene oxide) gas
Internal sterilization indicators
36 Configurations available
4.25" white plastic stem
TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) latex-free rubber grip
Individually sealed and sterilized with EO gas
Designed in Canada
Made in China
Please do not autoclave

Code : GDT-1IG-05RT
Price :22.50 Price without VAT

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